“I love that my work allows me to continue supporting the military and our soldiers.”

Dwayne brings management expertise to his role supervising CSCI project teams. Drawing on his decades of service in Army financial operations, he facilitates productive business relationships with clients across the country. The most rewarding aspects of his job include mentoring team leaders and encouraging each associate’s growth potential.

Dwayne takes an active role in prioritizing CSCI’s plans to achieve long-term goals. His understanding of the military’s organization and culture helps guide the company’s capabilities to the right opportunities. And he enjoys maintaining his connection to the Armed Forces.

Dwayne is a passionate traveler and has visited over 40 countries on 6 of the 7 continents. He also enjoys local trips to visit family and eat fantastic barbecue in Texas and Missouri with his two children. Dwayne volunteers with the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and American Legion.