“I love to hear someone’s reaction when I offer them a job, especially when they’re moving up.”

Megan’s primary responsibilities include finding top talent for CSCI’s team. She contacts candidates through various platforms, phone screens potential hires, and reviews applicants for the hiring process. Her previous sales background and natural communication style have helped her fit seamlessly into this role.

Megan loves the work environment at CSCI. After experiencing life at a bigger company, she appreciates the relaxed atmosphere CSCI provides, and feels like a valued member of the corporate team. And she truly enjoys being a part of a person’s career journey.

A self-described film geek who never shares her popcorn, Megan likes boxing at her local gym, attending outdoor concerts, and exploring the cultural and food scene when visiting a new city. She also appreciates spending time with her nieces and nephews, supporting locally-owned businesses, and advocating for animal rescue.


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