BPM software provides tools to model, automate, manage, and optimize business processes. Today’s BPM platforms help organizations transform and accelerate their business decisions by centralizing and streamlining the business process life cycle. They promote efficiencies between people, processes, and technologies and ensure the continuity of operations during organizational shifts in priorities.

CSCI provides BPM expertise to Government customers, with a specialized focus on developing and installing new workflows, maintaining existing workflows, and applying software upgrades and enhancements. We research, analyze, and model custom BPM solutions and then lead the development process in coordination with users to ensure each solution addresses their specific needs. When creating workflows, we verify that they are compliant with Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) and Risk Management Framework (RMF) security controls. Our teams also look for ways to improve current and future workflow environments, such as by redefining business rules, identifying data standards and steps for data migration, and positioning workflows to readily adapt to future regulatory and policy requirements.

CSCI has implemented workflow solutions using Oracle BPM software (integrated with Oracle WebCenter products, Apache Tomcat software, and a Unix operating system utilizing an Oracle database) and Bizagi software (integrated with the .NET platform, MS Internet Information Server, and a Windows operating system utilizing Microsoft SQL Server). Our teams apply the Extreme Programming (XP) Agile software development methodology, with weekly iterations for workflow development before deployment to testing and production.

“I would like to share my appreciation for the work CSCI provides. Their teams are consummate professionals and valued members who go above and beyond.” – Client testimonial