Remember running to pick up a telephone that was attached to the wall when it rang? Or getting up out of your seat to manually change the TV channel? Do terms like VCR, LP, or “fax it to me” ring a bell from the distant past?

Now consider the variety of terms we hear today: 4th Generation Languages, Data Warehouses, Star Schemas, Business Intelligence (BI), Structured or Unstructured Data, Data Analytics, Data Science, Predictive Analytics, “Real Time” Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI)…

It all begs the question: Where have we been… and where are we headed?

Data has been stored in computers for decades. We have witnessed the advent of massive data centers. We now use the internet as a primary communication channel on a global scale. The amount of data continues to grow at an exponential rate. While still in raw form, it is now much easier to access. Transformed and used properly, it can tell us much about who we are, where we have been, and – perhaps most importantly – where we are headed.

IBM Analytics is at the forefront of transforming data to accommodate business needs through a single platform. For the management sector, it’s providing dashboards, visualizations, and operational reporting. For financial departments, it’s facilitating planning and budgeting. For marketing, sales, and IT groups, it’s interpreting complex and predictive analytics. IBM recognizes that harnessing the power of data is vital for business improvement, or it will go the way of the phone hanging on the wall.

So, where does your business stand in its use of data for reporting and analytics? Do you have a strategic plan in place to transform from where you are now to where you want to be?

Learn how data can be your greatest business asset through IBM’s tools by reaching out to us today.