This spring, CSCI was one of seven (7) companies awarded a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to provide its Office of Finance (OF) with financial accounting, policy, and reporting services support.

This includes all aspects of financial activities, such as Consolidated Financial Reporting and Audits, Internal Controls and Program Integrity, Accountability Report, Financial Management Policy, Records Management Support, Transition Activities, Managerial Reporting Tasks, Project Management Support, Strategic Planning Support, and Section 508 Compliance.

The BPA award, with a ceiling value of $100 Million, is part of CSCI’s strategic goal to expand our management consulting, enterprise IT, and financial management services further into the civilian sector. Together with our partner, Hamilton Enterprises, LLC, we hold a combined twenty-eight (28) years of Federal financial management experience that incorporates all aspects of financial and enterprise-wide reporting, audit preparedness, internal controls reviews, risk assessments, financial policy and guidance development, financial data and records management, and change management strategies.

We are committed to serving HHS OF’s financial accounting and reporting needs that cover more than three hundred (300) programs, with an overall budget that exceeds $1 Trillion. Our goal is to support HHS BPA tasks with comprehensive solutions drawn from our success leading projects that support audit readiness and remediation, financial transformation, and internal control program activities at various Federal Agencies.