GFEBS is a web-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool that uses SAP software to enable the Army – including Active, Guard, and Reserve – to compile and share accurate, up-to-date financial, asset, and real property data. It is one of the largest ERP systems in the world, with thousands of users processing millions of transactions and managing billions of dollars per Fiscal Year (FY). The system also connects with many external partner systems using unique interfaces.

As Army organizations utilize GFEBS as their primary financial system, users rely on help desks to assist with routine financial management operations, such as transactions related to payroll, reimbursables, and the spending chain for expired, current, and cancelling year activities. Since 2013, CSCI has provided multiple Army offices and commands located worldwide with technical and functional GFEBS Tiers I and II help desk support. Our GFEBS Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) assist users to improve their visibility into organizational financial health, provide guidance on system processes, troubleshoot problems and resolve errors, and work hand-in-hand with Army leadership to identify ways to standardize and streamline system operations.

CSCI also conducts end-user training on GFEBS functionalities and performing root-cause analysis on financial management metrics affecting budget execution and audit. We have prepared, scheduled, and performed both in-person and remote training workshops using multiple media formats; developed training manuals and job aids; and even carried out informal on-the-job training with individual users, walking them step-by-step through a process to ensure a successful outcome. Furthermore, our SMEs have supported the Army’s audit readiness and sustainment efforts through training focused on audit and internal control standards, preparing the user community for audit walk-throughs, and assisting to respond to audit requests for information.

“I would like to personally acknowledge and thank your team. Any ticket, calls, or issues presented have been handled with promptness and professionalism. Their hard work and effort have been outstanding.” – Client testimonial