CSCI has long supported DoD custom enterprise systems such as the Defense Corporate Database (DCD), the Defense Corporate Warehouse (DCW), the Defense Cash Accountability System (DCAS), and the Defense Departmental Reporting System (DDRS). These systems are essential to the DoD’s financial reporting requirements, interfacing with many external systems and utilized by almost all DoD agencies on a global scale. Our work covers not only the full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), but also performance enhancements for more efficient usage and expanded functionalities to enable greater interoperability. Here are a few examples of our work in action:

  • We utilized Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) to help build an Enterprise Reconciliation solution within DCAS to incorporate all DoD reconciliations with the Treasury, along with a Transparency tool to provide details about key processes in the system.
  • We helped create the Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Financial Information System (FIS), used to manage budget execution, by extracting and cross-walking legacy accounting data to Standard Fiscal Code (SFC) within the DCD. We also utilized IBM Cognos BI cubes and reports to give the Command visibility into their financial data.
  • We provided a single location within the DCD/DCW for Treasury Index (TI) 97 organizations to view daily status-of-funds data, bypassing the need to trace data housed in multiple accounting systems through individual data calls or published financial statements.
  • We collaborated to ‘Empower the DDRS User Community’ by transferring common maintenance functions to system users. After implementing a comprehensive process to guide this procedural change while maintaining strong internal controls, users gained the ability to make master data changes to the DDRS organization structure and Line of Accounting (LOA).
  • We facilitated application security for the DCD/DCW through the use of Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).
  • We aligned DDRS business rules with the Standard Financial Information Structure (SFIS) to establish a methodology that complied with the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense’s (OUSD) directive on Financial Data Standards.
  • We converted hundreds of Oracle Forms and Reports to the Java platform for the DCD/DCW, the Corporate Electronic Funds Transfer (CEFT) application, and the Transportation Global Edit Table (TGET).
  • We are supporting the migration of the DCD/DCW to the Oracle SuperCluster platform, a cloud infrastructure that will integrate both systems’ computing, storage, networking, and software capabilities to maximize performance and provide end-to-end data encryption and audit trails.

“I want to extend my sincere appreciation for your support and contributions. Your team’s efforts enabled us to deliver quality and on-time products. Thank you for a job well done.” – Client testimonial