The Office of the Deputy Chief Financial Officer (ODCFO) is transforming DoD business operations through simplified processes, standardized systems and data, and financial policies and internal controls that support effective and efficient financial management operations, along with achieving and sustaining unmodified (clean) audit opinions. The ODCFO’s FIAR Directorate supports these initiatives by developing appropriate strategies, plans, and guidance; helping DoD entities achieve audit readiness and sustainment; and improving the quality of financial information.

For over a decade, CSCI has supported DoD organizations in their efforts to meet audit objectives. Following the FIAR Directorate’s guidance, our teams perform Statement-to-Process analyses, develop Quantitative Drill Downs (QDDs), and prioritize Assessable Units (AUs); develop end-to-end (E2E) business process narratives, flowcharts, and control assessments; identify and evaluate Key Supporting Documents (KSDs); test Internal Controls over Financial Reporting and Financial Systems (ICOFR/ICOFS); support development of financial statements and reports; and analyze Notices of Finding and Recommendation (NFRs), process gaps, and control deficiencies to develop Corrective Action Plans (CAPs). We also serve as liaison between DoD entities and service providers to verify business processes and test results, develop financial reconciliations, and resolve data discrepancies.

Another aspect of our FIAR support is assisting DoD entities with converting from their legacy financial systems to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, such as the Defense Agencies Initiative (DAI) and the General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS). We have reconciled legacy system financial data to that within ERPs, as well as defined requirements for new ERP functionalities, documented ERP system processes, and created the associated audit documentation to ensure audit compliance. After conversion, we perform reconciliations between ERP and partner systems to ensure the ongoing accuracy of each organization’s financial data and maintaining auditability standards.

CSCI’s exemplary work within the FIAR arena has garnered praise from across the DoD. Our FIAR team supporting the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) was recognized with an award from the Agency Comptroller for their outstanding achievements towards the organization’s audit readiness efforts. Another of our teams supporting the Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) was instrumental in redesigning the Activity’s Triannual Review (TAR) process, which was hailed by the DAI Program Management Office (PMO) as a best practice and shared with over five hundred (500) financial professionals from twenty-two (22) Defense entities to standardize the TAR across the DoD.

We are proud to serve as a trusted DoD partner to achieve its audit preparedness and sustainment goals. Our customers benefit from enhanced visibility into financial data and assets, improved and streamlined business processes, and best practices for achieving audit goals.